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Hair laser removers, whether designed for home or commercial use, all work based on the same principle. Intense beams of laser rays or of focused light are directed at the skin. These beams travel harmlessly through the skin and the energy is absorbed by the follicles from which the hairs grow. The follicles are then destroyed by the heat, in ideal scenarios permanently, so that no further hair will grow. In reality only a percentage of the hairs' follicles will be destroyed, so the resulting hairlessness will not be complete. Often successful professional treatment can rid a body part of 70% to 80% of the hairs.

Commercial vs. Home Products

Mostly, these laser machines are intended for medical or professional cosmetic use only. There are highly good reasons for this: lasers are powerful tools that can cause significant injury to delicate human skin and organs, the eyes especially. So obeying strict safety procedures is important, and the correct training is necessary in order to perform laser hair removal properly and safely.

Some home devices continue to be marketed but the vast majority of these are simply not sufficiently potent to give customers the desired long term reduction of hairs that can be successfully achieved using medical or professional cosmetic lasers for hair removal.

The Tria Hair Laser Remover machine

A new device designed for personal use in the home, the "Tria", is the first machine to receive FDA certification to be sold over the counter as a hair laser remover.
Backed by several years of scientific studies, the Tria is created by a reputable company that refrains from making unrealistic claims.

Extensive scientific studies show that individuals can expect a reduction of around a third in regrowth of hairs a year after treatment, as compared to around 80% for individuals treated with the professional equipment used by doctors.

Hair Laser Remover Devices: Summary

If the most important factor for you when looking for this treatment is that you want the most effective possible treatment, then you should certainly focus on finding an appropriate professional clinic where you can be treated with the most powerful hair laser remover that is safe for your skin. On the other hand, if you are less concerned with the quality and permanence of the treatment and wish instead to have discreet laser hair removal in the comfort of your home, then you may wish to consider one of the modern home hair laser remover appliances.

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