Getting to Know All About Hypertension

Posted by Admin Thursday, May 5, 2011 4:50 AM
Hypertension or most commonly known as high blood pressure is a condition wherein the pressure in the blood vessels is higher than normal or is in an elevated condition. It is a cardiac chronic medical condition in which the systematic arterial blood pressure is high. Hypertension is the opposite of Hypotension which is also known as low blood pressure. High blood pressure (HBP) can be classified as either primary or secondary. Primary HBP shows no specific effect, while secondary HBP may affect the kidneys, arteries, heart, or endocrine system. If HBP is not controlled, you may suffer some serious health problems that may become a huge problem on your health system. These health problems may affect your daily activities and if you are working these may affect your job and your salary.

Constant high pressure in the blood vessels is one of the risk causes of stroke, heart disease, and kidney failure, and arterial aneurysm, cardiovascular and renal disease. Hypertension can exist in several form and symptoms do not appear immediately until it is sternly high. It is common in the elderly and it is coupled with vascular dysfunction in the coronary circulation. This condition occurs when there is excessive pressure against the blood vessel walls and continues over several months, and then HBP is diagnosed. This may become a serious condition since it can damage the heart, eyes, and kidneys.

There are many factors that may be the cause of HBP These causes are due to inactive lifestyle, smoking, stress, visceral obesity, potassium deficiency, salt sensitivity, alcohol intake and vitamin D deficiency. These factors increase the risk of developing hypertension. The risk may also increase due to aging and some inherited genetic mutations. Hypertension can be inherited especially when the family has a history of this condition. Severe or secondary hypertension results from a particular cause. This type of HBP needs to be recognized since it is treated in a different way. Common causes of secondary hypertension are: kidney diseases, metabolic disorder, pre-eclampsia during pregnancy and illegal drugs.

Common symptoms of accelerated hypertension includes; headache, drowsiness, vomiting, nausea, confusion and vision disorders. Children may also experience the threat of HBP, some signs and symptoms are; seizures, lack of energy, failure to thrive, difficulty in breathing and irritability. Hypertension in children can cause headache, nosebleeds, fatigue, blurred vision, and facial paralysis.

Hypertension is usually diagnosed on the basis of persistently high blood pressure. Diagnosis is done by physical examination and measuring the pressure in the blood vessels. The patient's pressure will be checked during every physical examination. A laboratory test is important because it will identify the possible causes of your high blood pressure and it will also determine if it has cause damage to your heart, eyes, and kidneys.
Treatment varies according to the stage of the disease. Elevated blood pressure levels can be controllable with treatment. The treatment for hypertension will you recommend you to have a preventative lifestyle such as; dietary changes, physical exercise, and weight loss. These lifestyle changes will really help in reducing your high blood pressure. High blood pressure is very serious case and it must be taken seriously by the patient. He/she must follow the recommended treatments in order to lessen their blood pressure.

Here are some helpful tips in order to prevent and lower hypertension:
1. Weight reduction and regular exercise
2. Reducing dietary sugar
3. Reducing sodium
4. Discontinuing tobacco use and alcohol intake
5. Proper diet

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