Why You May Need an Insurance Medical Temporary Plan

Posted by Admin Thursday, May 5, 2011 11:07 AM
You might be traveling and you do not have the assurance that you are going to be safe throughout your travel but, with a short term insurance plan, you will be able to enjoy yourself knowing that you are covered against any accident or incident that many happen and this is a temporary medical insurance. You may get a cover for one month or for a year depending on the duration you think you are going to need it. Various insurance companies have different plans and you need to get a plan that is going to suit you. You may be between jobs and need to have an insurance medical temporary plan. Some of the features of plans include the ability to keep your personal doctor and even the hospital you normally visit.

The second feature is that there is coverage of prescription drugs and discounts, and also insurance for many prescriptions and medical services. However, many plans do not cover pre existing conditions and illnesses. Most insurance medical temporary covers cover only prescriptions, physician services, x ray, laboratory services, in patient hospital stay, skilled nursing facilities, inpatient and outpatient surgeries and rehabilitation. On the internet, you can read about the various plans and get to see the payment plans. Most insurance companies have provided flexible payment plans and they are very affordable to anybody who wishes to apply. It is good to have all the information before you start making any payments.

One of the insurance medical temporary plan is the Celtic plan which covers persons who are 6 months to 64 1/2 years and it does not cover pregnant women. You must also not be covered by any other medical plan. The plan is for all US citizens and people who have lived in the country for over 2 years and they must show the evidence that they are indeed citizens. The insurance medical temporary covers manipulative therapy, radiology and laboratory expenses, surgical charges, prescription drug charges, intensive care charges, hospital out patient charges, inpatient psychiatric charges and others. You should therefore know the kind of insurance you want so that you can get the best deal.

The best deal only comes when you have looked at the available plans. Most plans at first may look great but after comparing to others, you will realize that there are better insurance medical temporary covers to go for. There are no covers that are made for pregnant women and this is primarily because there is certainty that there are medical bills that will need to be paid. Also, all women who are pregnant may bring down an insurance company just because of the huge number of people that would apply. Pre existing conditions are also not covered for the same reason. Choose a cover wisely and you will be assured that in case of a problem, you have the financial aspect covered. Different states have different policies and when you are searching on the internet, you search for specific insurance companies in your home area. Temporary medical insurance is vital to have because it can save life.

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