Stage 3 Breast Cancer and Survival Rates

Posted by Admin Thursday, May 5, 2011 4:53 AM
Stage 3 breast cancer is an advanced type of malignant disease. It is separated in three distinct levels or stages with their own differences of infection spread. Breast cancer survival rates for stage 3 breast carcinoma is at 50 percent chance of survival in 5 year duration.

Stage 3 breast carcinoma is subdivided into three categories. Theses categories are stage 3 - A, stage 3 - B and stage 3 - C cancer of the breast. A stage 3 - A breast carcinoma usually means that the tumor inside the breast of the woman has grown up to about 5 centimetres in diameter.

The malignant cancer tumor has most likely spread unto the lymph nodes in the breast, armpit and the collar - bone.

Another case of stage 3 - A breast cancer is when the malignant tumor has grown about 5 centimetres in diameter and has spread only to the lymph nodes near the breast. There is a stage 3 - A breast cancer survival rate of fifty - one to fifty - six percent.

When the malignant cancer tumor of the breast has expanded towards the tissues of the skin, chest muscles, ribs and chest wall, it is then called Stage 3 - B breast carcinoma. In some rare cases, the malignant tumor may also affect the lymph nodes in the breast bone of a woman.

Breast cancer survival rates for this type of breast carcinoma plays at around forty - two to forty - nine percent chance of survival.

Stage 3 - C cancer of the breast is subdivided into two more classifications to differentiate them better. The two types of stage 3 - C carcinoma differ from each other because one is operable while the other is non - operable.

Operable stage 3 - C breast carcinoma generally occurs when the breast tumor has spread and affected the lymph nodes around the areas of the neck and the below the collarbone.

Inoperable stage 3 - C breast carcinoma on the other hand occurs when the tumor has spread and affected the lymph nodes above the collarbone of the body.

Medical specialists all around the world explains that the five - year breast cancer survival rates of stage 3 - C is around thirty - five - percent chance of survival.

One must take note that these statistics are based on years where cancer detection and treatment where not yet advance.

With all the advancement in research and cure for cancer today, cancer survival rates should become higher compared to the statistics last ten years ago.

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