Five Kinds of Food Resist Prostatic Cancer for Men

Posted by Admin Monday, May 9, 2011 4:59 AM
Prostatic cancer has already become a kind of common disease to attack the male reproductive system among men. According to the experts, the prostatic cancer may probably become the first killer to threaten the male health in ten years. Some people have known that green tea can decrease the risks of getting prostatic cancer for men. Is there any other food which can prevent the cancer? In fact, five kinds of food including soy bean, onion, pumpkin seeds, tomato and kiwi fruit can also protect the health of the prostate.

Soy bean can produce a kind of substance called "cow urine phenolic" to restrain the male hormones and protect the prostate after it enter the human body. According to the experts, people can cook soy bean into soup so as to make full use of the medical effect. The soup can also remove the internal heat for the human body.

Onion contains a kind of compound called "quercetin" which can effectively resist cancer for the human body. According to the research, quercetin can prevent the abnormal changes of cells. Onion also contains selenium which can resist oxidation to remove the free radicals and strengthen the metabolism of cells inside the human body. People can eat both cooked onion and uncooked onion in daily life. In addition, the quercetin can also be found in apple, tea or red wine.

Pumpkin seeds contain abundant fatty acid to maintain the normal functions of prostate. According to the research, 2% of cases of benign prostatic hyperplasia can be transformed into prostatic cancer. It is beneficial for men to eat some pumpkin seeds every day to improve the benign prostatic hyperplasia and prevent the cancer.

Tomato contains a kind of substance called " lycopene " to resist oxidation and eliminate the free radicals. The adequate intake of tomatoes can effectively decrease the risks of getting prostatic cancer for men. At the same time, the adequate intake of tomatoes can also supplement various nutrients for the human body. People can eat 50 to 100 grams of fresh tomatoes every day.

Kiwi fruit contains abundant amino acid, vitamin C, vitamin B1, carotene, calcium, iron and so on. The glutathione contained in kiwi fruit can restrain the cancer cells of prostatic cancer, liver cancer, lung cancer and skin cancer. People can mix 50 grams of mashed kiwi fruit with 250 milligrams of warm boiled water and eat such a kind of mixture two times a day.

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